Fast Withdrawal Casinos UK

Fast Withdrawal Casinos

Fast withdrawal casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings without delay.

In most cases, fast payout casinos will process your withdrawal request, approve the transaction and transfer your cash from your wagering wallet to your chosen payment account the very same day.


Take a look at our list of fast withdrawal casino sites available to UK players:

Fast payout casinos explained:

A fast withdrawal casino is just that, a UK-licensed online casino that processes payouts quickly so that you can get your hands on your winnings as soon as possible.

Same day withdrawal online casinos transfer your winnings the same day you request your payout, while an instant withdrawal casino will make the payment immediately.

Same day and instant payout casinos are among the best, but to be considered a fast withdrawal casino, payouts should take no more than three working days for winnings to land in your account.

How the casino withdrawal time is calculated:

The withdrawal time at an online casino is calculated from the moment you enter the cashier and click to withdraw your winnings to when those winnings appear in your bank account or eWallet.

For your winnings to be transferred from your real money wagering account to your bank account or eWallet, the online casino must go through a number of steps.

These steps include:

  • The player makes a withdrawal request
  • The request is sent to the casino’s banking team
  • The team assesses the request and approves it
  • The withdrawal is sent to the payment processor
  • The payment processor sends funds to your account

To learn more about how fast withdrawal casinos work, we spoke to Mickael Marceau, Group Head of Payments at Kindred Group.

At Unibet casino, a withdrawal request is immediately sent to our fund security system and team who then check and verify the request.

The team takes a number of things into account based on the player’s risk factor – each player is assigned a category of risk when they open an account with us. 

Once they have checked and approved the transaction, the request is then sent through our various payment service providers and credited to the player’s bank account.

This whole process usually takes around four minutes. That said, the time it takes for funds to reach player accounts can be impacted by the type of payment method used, currency, etc.

Here at Kindred Group we are working hard to deliver instant payments wherever possible.

Mickael Marceau

Group Head of Payments at Kindred Group, Kindred Group

What affects the withdrawal time at a fast payout casino:

As Marceau points out, there are several factors that impact the speed at which the online casino is able to process the withdrawal and for your winnings to arrive in your bank account or eWallet.

The factors that have the biggest impact are whether you have had your ID verified by the casino and whether it needs to carry out any additional checks regarding anti-money-laundering.

The size of the withdrawal can also slow the payout time, as the casino is required to carry out additional checks on larger transactions – usually those over £2,000.

The payment method you use to withdraw (more on this below) and the day of the week you request the payout can have an effect, too.

Although the online casinos and slot sites that make our fast withdrawal list process payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week including bank holidays.

Online casino pending periods explained:

Another factor that impacts the payout time is whether the online casino imposes a pending period or not. This is when you request a withdrawal, but the casino does not process it straight away.

Pending periods can be anywhere between 24 hours and 48 hours and give players the chance to cancel the withdrawal and return the funds to their wagering account if they so wish.

Some online casinos allow you to “lock” your withdrawal for the duration of the pending period, so you are not tempted to cancel the payout and transfer it back into your wagering wallet.

Of course, same day withdrawal casinos and instant withdrawal casino sites do not impose pending periods as they process the payment straight away.

Average withdrawal times:

When playing at a fast withdrawal casino, it will take on average 24 hours for your withdrawal to be processed and for your winnings to land in your bank account or eWallet.

These times are average because in some instances the withdrawal may take longer to process due to the factors mentioned above but they may also be faster.

When playing at a best payout online casino in the UK, withdrawals will take on average:

-Debit card – Up to 24 hours

-eWallet – Instant

-Bank transfer: Up to 24 hours

At a fast withdrawal casino, payouts will take on average:

-Debit card – 24 hours to three working days

-eWallet – Instant up to one working day

-Bank transfer – 24 hours to three working days

We include the average payout time in our UK online casino reviews so you can tell if it offers a fast withdrawal time before you sign up, deposit and play.

Which payment methods provide the fastest payouts:

If you want the fastest possible payout time, we recommend that UK players play at fast withdrawal casinos and use eWallets to deposit and withdraw.

Payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal offer some of the fastest transaction times – a PayPal withdrawal can take just two hours to request, process and transfer.

See our full list of PayPal casinos

See our full list of Neteller casinos

But why are eWallet withdrawals so much quicker than other payment methods such as debit cards and bank transfers? To find out, we spoke to Lorenzo Pellegrino, the CEO of Skrill and Neteller.

Our service offers very quick withdrawals because of our relationships with the casino and gambling operators which enables them to make the payouts almost instantly into a wallet account.  

There is also no third-party processor involved with the withdrawal. Customers can access their funds in their wallet instantly or use their Skrill or Neteller prepaid card. 

Lorenzo Pellegrino

CEO, Skrill and Neteller

By removing the processor, such as a bank, the time it takes to make the payout is significantly reduced. Other fast payment methods include Apple Pay and Boku.

How to find the best payout online casino in the UK:

If you are looking for the best fast withdrawal casinos, then you are in the right place.

Our list of recommended fast payout online casinos at the top of this page offer the quickest payouts as well as the best player experience games, bonuses and customer support and more.

The best fast payout casino will differ from player to player, based on your own unique preferences.

Use our Find My Casino Tool to filter our recommend brands based on your likes and dislikes to generate a personalised list of UK online casinos.

How to withdraw at a fast payout casino:

Once you have signed up to one of our recommended brands, withdrawing at the quickest payout online casinos could not be easier.

Simply follow the steps below to start the withdrawal process.

Step one – head to the cashier and enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the online casino and click “withdraw”. Just be mindful that most online casinos impose a minimum withdrawal limit – this is usually between £10 and £20.

Step two – the withdrawal request is sent to the online casino’s banking team who will assess and approve the payout. They will send the request to the payment processor, such as an eWallet provider or bank.

Step three – once the payment has been processed via the payment provider, the funds will appear in your bank account or eWallet and are yours to spend. Just remember that if you want to transfer from an eWallet to a bank account, this may take additional time to process.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about fast withdrawal casino sites and how you can find the best and fastest payout casinos in the UK.

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